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Why girls love shoes…

I was asked by one of my guy friends today about why girls love to wear high heels when they are so uncomfortable, he just couldn’t understand why, so it inspired me to write this piece. To me the answer is simple high heels are just so god damn amazing!

There is just something so magical about a pair of new high heels that makes your heart skip a beat and makes your smile like never before. It’s the feeling you get when you walk into a shoe shop and your surrounded by so many different colours and styles of shoes and the even better feeling you get when there is a sale on. It’s the way your feet slide perfectly into your first pair of hot pink sparkly Steve madden Pumps. It’s the sound they make when you first walk in them at home or the happiness you feel when you walk away from the shop with a bag containing your new pair of shoes (or two in some cases). But most importantly it’s the way that the perfect pair of heels can complete an outfit; make you stand taller and make you feel so much more confident about yourself.

This love of high heels isn’t something you just wake up with one day; it’s something that is drummed into you from when you were as young as a toddler. The days when you would watch your mum or older family members get all dressed up and you would try on their shoes that were clearly way too big for you but made you feel like a million dollars. It’s the little plastic princess shoes that you had when you were five years old and the little sandals with a 1.5-inch heel you had when you were eight. Little memories like these are the things that form the foundation of this obsession and then it is up to you on whether you build on it. In my case I did.

I am the proud owner of 22 pairs of heels ranging from 2-inch heels to 6-inch heels, from wedges to stilettos and in so many different fabrics and colours. I admit I do have an obsession with them but hey isn’t an addiction to shoes better than an addiction to something like drugs or gambling? I believe it is. But unlike others I don’t keep my heels in my closet instead I keep them on display in my room on a bookshelf that was bought just to hold my shoes. It makes me happy seeing them all the time and brings back the memories of when I got them or where I wore them. And my collection isn’t stopping anytime soon, in fact right now I am saving up to buy some Christian Louboutins which will be worth every single dollar in my opinion.

So there it is… The very long and drawn out answer to why girls like me love high heels even though they can be very uncomfortable at times. 

All schools should be co-ed - A persuasive text I wrote for English

Almost all of the adult population in Australia would work with and or live with the opposite sex, so why shouldn’t it be like that at school? Isn’t the purpose of getting an education to teach students about how to live and work in the real world as an adult? How is this possible when young girls attending an all girls don’t even work with or interact with boys at school? How is going to an all girls school giving the students realistic life experiences? The answer is simple... it doesn’t and if anything separating the sexes during schooling only leads to increased ignorance and misunderstanding of the opposite sex.

Co-educational schools encourage students to build self-confidence and puts students in a more competent position to enter the real world. Co-education helps to create a sense of equality among boys and girls and allows them to understand one another and observe the differences both mentally and physically between the opposite sex and themselves. Why should the parents deprive their children of learning such life lessons by putting them in a same sex school? It just seems cruel.

By having all schools co-ed it allows all students to gain the experience they need to understand and deal with the opposite sex in a graceful and respectful manner.  For example in a mixed class girls learn to tackle the mischievous comments of boys and become more tolerant towards the opposite sex. In fact one of the main reasons for the lack of agreement among couples is the intolerance of women. The sensitivity of girls will give way to sensibility. On the other hand, boys will tend to behave more sympathetically towards girls and the latter will understand that there is a dimension of gentleness beneath the tough exterior of boys. Whereas in the absence of coeducation, students tend to misunderstand when a person from the opposite sex approaches them. Plus the interaction between different genders in the school environment gives students the ability to gain relationship skills.

So ask your self… Why would you limit a student’s ability to gain life experience by having same sex school? It seems like a pretty irresponsible thing to do. 

Waiting for a text

Growing up in a world full of social media, mobile phones and new technology is very different to the world that generations above me grew up in. I love the world that I am growing up in and I would much rather live in this world  than the world  of the 80’s and 90’s but there are also many down sides to the life we live in that no other generation would understand.

Firstly one of the most annoying things about instant messaging whether it is via social media or via text is the anxiety you get when someone doesn’t reply instantly.  For example  a month or two ago a was having an argument (fight) over text with my then boyfriend, texts were being sent and received every few minutes but then suddenly when I didn’t get a reply after a few minutes I started to worry and I felt really nervous. “why is he ignoring me?”   and  “doesn’t he want to be with me anymore?”  were just some of the thoughts that were running through my head at the time all because he didn’t reply almost immediately. I mean isn’t that just sad. It got even worse when at 11.33 pm I sent a very detailed text telling him how I felt and I didn’t get a reply until 13 hours later!  The constant angst I felt for those 13 hours was terrible. The day then continued with short sharp texts from said boyfriend until he brought up the argument again and the whole thing started all over again and this time ten times worse. It is like being on a phone call and after just explaining how you feel the person hangs up on you. It’s horrible.  It’s even worse when they have the setting on their phone or on facebook where it tells you when they had read the text, it’s just like your phone is telling you “They don’t like you!  They are ignoring you!”  Plus it is also annoying in day to day conversations when people take ages to reply, I mean I still get slightly irritated when someone doesn’t reply within an hour or two.It’s even worse when I then realise after sending numerous messages with no reply that they were actually at work or their phone ran out of battery.

Secondly the most annoying thing about texts and instant messaging is you never know in what tone they are saying it.  This is something that causes quite some problems in day to day conversation. Within seconds of you saying something completely normal the person can take it the wrong way and starts to abuse you with capital letters and exclamation marks. That is another thing... the use of icons and punctuation can change the tone of a text dramatically. For example you can change a normal  ‘Can’t wait till tomorrow’ to ‘Can’t wait till tomorrow ;)’ and boom the whole intention of the text has changed. You have gone from just generally looking forward to tomorrow to an extremely flirty text that anticipates that something big is going to happen. It is really quite stupid and very annoying how such small changes can change the whole intention of a text.

Yet after all this I still prefer texting to calling someone. I guess I love the fact that you can say things without people interrupting you, you don’t have to worry about forgetting what to say or saying something and then them hanging up on you. I guess both Calling and texting have their pro’s and con’s just like anything.

And yes I know that the problems that I have mentioned are nothing compared to those that teenagers in third world countries  experience but it is something that in today’s world is very common and that many people over the age of 25 just wouldn’t understand.


There is something about the glossy pages of a vogue magazine that makes your heart pound causing your brain to go into overdrive. How could 175 pages of pictures and text make you feel like this? You ask yourself.

Is it the bright stylish cover? Or maybe the amazing articles that are placed so perfectly on the page? Perhaps it is the incredible images of gorgeous girls modelling designer clothing that makes your heart skip a beat? Or even just catching a glimpse of the bag you have been dreaming about your whole life?

There is only one answer… Vogue plus the female brain equals complete perfection.

I know some girls out there will completely disagree with me and I completely respect that. But the type of girls that I am talking about are the ones that at age three had trouble deciding on the perfect outfit for their Barbie doll. The girls that experimented with their own style without knowing it at seven years old and by age ten were designing their own fashion line. Girls that by the time they started year ten owned two designer hand bags, numerous Chanel beauty products and had twenty pairs of high heels on display in their bedroom. I’m talking about girls like me.

We are the girls that cut out ads from fashion magazines and stick them on their bedroom wall for inspiration. We are the girls that dream of taking home a pair of their own Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps. The girls that will stand outside a Chanel store for ten minutes just admiring the shop window. We are the girls that after reading a new issue of vogue feel not only inspired but an overwhelming sensation of fulfilment.

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