Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Have you ever wanted something so much you started crying?

Have you ever wanted something so much you start crying? I have and it happen just then.

As i did my usual scroll through my Facebook news feed i  saw a post from Vogue Australia offering a two month internship for final year uni students, even though I'm still in high school i clicked on the link to see what was expected of the applicants. As I read through the advertisement an unusual feeling swept across me and I started to cry. Why? I asked myself, well because this time in 7 or 8 years I want that to be me with an internship at Vogue!

I don't care if i have to move states and spend my days doing small errands for the staff of Vogue, I want to work at Vogue so damn much that I will pretty much do anything and everything I possibly can  to get there!

And hopefully one day... I will be editor-in-chief  of Vogue Australia! Watch this space ladies and gentlemen this girl has a dream!

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