Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Shoedrobe - is 70 pairs too many?

Today I was going through my feed on Bloglovin and I came across a post by Blogger Jamie-lee Burns about her shoe wardrobe of about 20 or so pairs of shoes and how she thought that was too many... it prompted me to write this post, so here it goes.

Like many females out there I have a love for shopping and for me my soft spot is shoe shopping. Today I decided to get out all my shoes and count them up, the total, a huge 70 pairs of shoes. Just to make it clear I have collected these shoes over the years, the oldest pairs in my collection being some flats I bought in a market in Paris in 2008, the newest being some Steeve Madden heels I got at the DFO yesterday for a mere $10.50.

The thing is a love a good shoe. I don't what it is about shoes and shoe shopping that I am so drawn too. Perhaps it has to do with my childhood days when I would constantly sift my way through my mum's shoes and try on my favourite pairs. Or maybe in the words of Mr Louboutin it's because "Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally." I'd say both reasons are to blame for my shoe addiction...not that it's a bad addiction to have.

My 70 pairs consists of about 30 pairs of heels and wedges, 3 pairs of runners, 7 pairs of boots, 8 pairs of sneakers and many many pairs of flats and sandals.

Like any wardrobe there are always those few pieces that are used more than the others and this winter these are the 4 pairs that I find myself going back to. Firstly there are my lipstick black  ankle cut out boots ( which can be found here ) they are one of my favourite takes on this season's cut out trend and go with almost everything and the gold tassels are a cheeky add on.
Next are my Sportsgirl  pointed ankle boots with a stiletto heel, once again they sport a cut out in which your toe cleavage peeks out. I love wearing these boots as to me they resemble something style icon and Vogue Fashion editor Christine Centenera would wear and they are surprisingly comfy.
Also shown are my black suede Vans which I bought at the boxing day sales last year. I love them because they are a classy version of the well known and loved lo pro Vans and can be dressed up or dressed down.
Finally are my new Sportsgirl loafers which are my staple flats at the moment. I usually don't like this cut of shoe but when I saw the classic black and white dogtooth pattern I knew I had to have them and I have never looked back.

And now my pride and Joy... My Favourite high heels and wedges all 25 of them. They range from 2 inches to 6 inches, from wedges to cut out heels and in all different colours, materials and textures. They are what make me happy and are definitely my weakness. It's a good thing that i'm only 162 cm and can walk well in heels.

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