Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lady Petrova Inspiration

Yesterday I went shopping with one of my friends in the Fashion Capital of Australia aka Melbourne and we came across a incredible little boutique by the name of Lady Petrova. Both my friend and I were in awe of the playful princess like dresses and whimsical shoes. Since then I have been researching everything about the clothing line and the girl responsible for it Petrova Hammond and I must say I am in LOVE! In fact I may have even scored some work experience with her! 

Below is a little about the boutique and the woman in charge...And below that are some pictures and inspiration from the Lady Petrova Tumblr as well as some of her designs. 

Combining a fashion forward attitude with bespoke attention to detail, the LADY PETROVA aesthetic offers an elegant approach and long missed femininity to the local retail industry.
Designer Petrova Hammond masterminds the unique house label. Having graduated with distinction in Fashion Design at RMIT University, Petrova moved on to an impressive catalogue of styling, costume design, pattern making, merchandising and fashion buying.
LADY PETROVA encourages her customers to experiment with their wardrobes, develop an individual sense of style and build their fashion confidence. 

Petrova was a finalist on Arena TV’s Project Runway Australia in 2008.

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