Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Realisation

Right now as I write this I am sitting in my Peter Alexander PJ’s watching the live stream of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival while eating Cadbury mint chocolate, could life get any better?

While watching the live stream I have come to the realisation that I definitely want to work in the fashion industry as a magazine writer/editor and I will do whatever it takes to get there. The fact that I almost cried when the new Carla Zampatti collection came down the runway or when I spotted a pair of Louboutins could be an indication of how passionate I am about everything in the world of fashion.

At the moment I am in the process of e-mailing numerous websites such as Mamamia and Fashion Magazines about work experience and any advice they can give me to help me get noticed in the fashion/ journalism industry. I just want to get noticed and involved so that I get a real feel for it and can work my way up to one day becoming an editor of a magazine like Shop till you drop, InStyle, Harper's Bazar or even Vogue. I want to achieve this dream so much and I know that if I work my ass of I will achieve and no one will be able to stop me.

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