Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lesson's learned from my horse riding camp

Yesterday I cam home from a 5 day horse riding camp and I had the most amazing time! I had never been a horse person and had never really been horse riding but while on the camp I loved every single bit of it! I embraced every part of horse riding from getting the horses ready and cleaning out there shoes to looking like a character off The Saddle Club. 

The whole experience made me realise that as a person you don't have to have just one thing that is prominent about you and that makes you you. There are so many wonderful things that people can enjoy and do that makes them who they are. These things can be complete opposites and yet the person is still balanced and fulfilled with their life. It's one of the best things about being a human being and having an individual personality and view on the world. 

For example, Before going on the camp I  thought that I would never love being with horses so much and everything that goes a long with it. I thought of myself as a very academic focused girl who spent most of her time at dancing or production as well as having a love and passion for fashion and beauty. I never thought of myself as an "outdoorsy" girl but i was pleasantly surprised at how easily part of me became so in love with horses and horse riding and who actually enjoyed cleaning the horses. 

It made me realise that I don't have to be just one sort of girl and have one thing that defines me, I can be whatever i want to be and that is a lesson that is very valuable. It's the things that we love and the things that we do that makes us who we are and that is something that no one can ever take away from you.  

If you too would love to experience the amazing things i did in the past week here is the link to the company I went with ...

My beautiful horse Junior that i had the pleasure of riding and looking after while on the camp 

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