Saturday, 23 March 2013

You have to think big to be big!

At the moment I am in the process of contacting lots of different magazines and  companies to try and get advice and work experience. I want to achieve my dream's so much that I will try everything I can do to  achieve them! My parents are so supportive and happy to fly me interstate to do work  experience with magazines which I am so excited about!  I have also been researching how the editors of magazine's like Instyle, Vogue and Shop till you drop have got to where they are now and what i have picked up is to get as much work experience as possible and to gain as many contacts as you can.

In the meantime I will try to practise my writing and improve on it. I will write about life experiences, my passions, current news events, my opinions on things and random pieces I might write for school. I am also going to the USA at the end of the year and on a french exchange next year so hopefully I will have lots to write about!

So enjoy...

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